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  • The Sony A6100 is the natural successor to the wildly popular sony A6000 a beginner-friendly mirrorless camera, five years after its launch its still handy in the market. Both cameras are the entry-level models in Sony’s range of mirrorless APS-C sensor snappers. ‘APS-C’ refers to the camera’s sensor size, which is significantly larger than the ones found in smartphones, but smaller than the full-frame chips found in pro-friendly models like the Sony A7 iii


Much of the A6000’s core features remain in the A6100: there’s the familiar body design, a sensor with the same 24MP resolution, a similar EVF and tilting rear LCD screen (though the A6100’s screen is now touch sensitive), and an 11fps burst mode.

Nonetheless, there are some very welcoming improvements in the A6100 too. Overall, this is a much more user-friendly camera. The general handling and performance is enhanced, particularly through its excellent continuous auto-focus system.

Key features

24.2MP APS-C sensor 

4K video at 30fps, 100Mbps 

Slow and quick motion Full HD videos 

Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and NFC connectivity

Sony sticks with a 24.2MP APS-C sensor, which is the same as the one found in the more expensive Sony A6400 and and sony A6600 cameras. Its resolution is par for the course and plenty for an entry-level camera.


Sensor: 24.2MP APS-C CMOS
Lens mount: Sony E-mount
Screen: 3-inch 922K-dot tilting touchscreen
Burst shooting: 11fps
Autofocus: 425 selectable points
Video: 4K/30p
Connectivity: Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
Battery life: up to 420 shots
Weight: 396g

At  the same time the A6100 can shoot 4K at 30fps, it does this with a slight crop – shoot 4K at 25fps, though, and it uses the full-width of the sensor (which means full pixel readout with no pixel binning), and fills the 16:9 rear LCD display. There is an S&Q setting (Slow & Quick Motion videos) that captures Full HD slow motion videos up to 100fps (4x) or quick motion videos down to 1fps (25x).

You do get a lot for your money with the Sony A6100. There’s the same 1.44 million-dot EVF, hotshoe and pop-up flash, all squeezed expertly into what is a very compact body. Plus, that LCD screen is now touch sensitive and can pull out and up into a selfie position.

Images can be captured and shared wirelessly using a smartphone or tablet connected by Wi-Fi through Sony’s app called ‘Imaging Edge Mobile’. An easy connection can be made using NFC, or via the usual QR code method as well.

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